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Escada introduces the new

fall / winter 2023 Campaign

The launch of the new ESCADA campaign is just around the corner: ESCADA & ESCADA SPORT, FALL WINTER 2023. This year’s ESCADA collection, the shooting, and an amazing model are convincing. A liaison that creates something unique.


Iceland is a country of limitless potential, natural powers, and spectacular beauty. The observer is taken away by the unique black beaches, rock formations, and bizarre landscapes. The ideal setting for ESCADA’s new Fall/Winter campaign.

Every single time, staging the collection in an enchanting environment is a delight.

The ESCADA DNA, color, unfolds flawlessly in unison with the gorgeous surroundings and nature of Iceland. Kinga, the campaign’s heroine, is a real ESCADA beauty. She enchants and brings the observer under her spell by being classic, feminine, but also fascinating and magical.