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ESCADA x Ekies All Senses Resort: An Indulgent Christmas


It's finally that time of the year again. At ESCADA, the pre-Christmas season begins.

This year, our customer and her loved one are returning to a wonderful Greek resort. Chalkidiki's “Ekies All Senses Resort”. The hotel not only welcomes you to wear the exquisite ESCADA collection, but it also amazes with its uniquely designed rooms and suites. There are design classics everywhere, a lovely beach, and fantastic food to be found here.

Just the place to unwind with your loved ones and prepare for Christmas. We encourage you to explore ESCADA's holiday collection here. A fantastic hotel team hears every desire from our lips and allows us to enjoy the days while turning them into something extremely unique.

The ESCADA collection is also rather unique. Holiday brocade fabrics in cream and gold, a magnificent feather top, comfortable wool coats and beautiful designs, and the trademark ESCADA touches make the holiday collection one-of-a-kind. You can find outfits made of fabrics of the highest quality that shine with their particular craftsmanship and that you will love long after the new year has passed. They'll quickly become new favorites in your wardrobe.

ESCADA and the “Ekies All Senses Resort” wish you a pleasant pre-Christmas season and look forward to the big day. It couldn't be a better time to discover the new ESCADA collection and add a few favorites to your Christmas wish list.

Hotel Images: Courtesy of Ekies All Senses Resort

ESCADA – De Rigo – New York City


Given that the ESCADA client is known for being a well-traveled personality, feminine, graceful, and fashion-conscious, she enjoys discovering and getting to know new cities.

New York City is the ideal location for this. This exciting, fascinating metropolis is always a highlight, and it's more enjoyable discovering it dressed in ESCADA. We explore the streets of New York today in the stylish district "East Village."

Our heroes travel across New York in a luxurious limousine. She enjoys shopping, sipping a cup of coffee here and there, and simply taking in the great energy of the city.  

Today it's all about the accessories, specifically the ESCADA eyewear collection. The collaboration with DeRigo twice a year to choose the perfect model for yourself and so properly round off the ESCADA wardrobe from a specifically developed ESCADA eyewear collection.

The subtle gold embellishments, polished temple design, and recognizable EE logo make this accessory a favorite of our consumers. Complete your look with ESCADA eyewear, sunglasses, and optical frames, and enjoy this vibrant city perfectly dressed from head to toe with us.



The launch of the new ESCADA campaign is just around the corner. ESCADA & ESCADA SPORT, FALL WINTER 2023.

This year’s ESCADA collection, the shooting, and an amazing model are convincing. A liaison that creates something unique. 

Iceland is a country of limitless potential, natural powers, and spectacular beauty. The observer is taken away by the unique black beaches, rock formations, and bizarre landscapes. The ideal setting for ESCADA’s new Fall/Winter campaign.

Every single time, staging the collection in an enchanting environment is a delight. The ESCADA DNA, color, unfolds flawlessly in unison with the gorgeous surroundings and nature of Iceland. Kinga, the campaign’s heroine, is a real ESCADA beauty. She enchants and brings the observer under her spell by being classic, feminine, but also fascinating and magical.

ESCADA Mainline is set on “Vik / the Black Beach”, one of the world’s most beautiful and enchanting beaches. The inherent power of the white waves beating across the black sand transports the observer into a universe of natural forces.

ESCADA Sport, on the other hand, is displayed among Iceland’s stunning rock formations, imaginative surfaces, and distinctive rocks.

There is no doubt that this ad campaign showcases the ESCADA lines in the best possible light. Enjoy the tour and explore the new collection’s range of color, silhouettes and shapes, as well as a trip to the breathtaking Iceland...

It’s time to fantasize with us...




We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of our new “ESCADA girls” collection. Designed with utmost care and attention to detail. This collection embodies freshness, joy, and high-quality standards. It perfectly reflects the essence and values of our brand, catering to the fashionable taste of our beloved customers.

In Florence, the precursor is the Pitti Immagine Bimbo. The new “ESCADA girls” children’s collection will be shown here for the first time from June 21st to June 23rd.

We celebrate the bond between mothers and daughters, offering a range of enchanting outfits that resonate with the discerning eye of our target customers. Each piece exudes elegance, showcasing our commitment to coherent design and superior craftsmanship.

From vibrant patterns to delicate fabrics, our “ESCADA girls” collection promises to make every little girl feel special and confident. 

We are delighted to be collaborating with Püttmann on this partnership, who is a specialist company for children’s and baby wear. Known for its high and constant quality standards, reliability, and dedication to social fairness. 

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, embracing the beauty of motherhood and creating unforgettable moments of fashion for both you and your child. 



The ESCADA team Geneva welcomes customers and ESCADA fans to a one-of-a-kind event in the venerable boutique in the heart of the city.

The occasion: The new collection.
ESCADA's DNA should not be neglected. The collection incorporates color, patterns, and exquisite fit and tailoring.

Our De Rigo, ESCADA sunglasses are also ideal for the hot summer months. A perfect companion for summertime temperatures.

Our design director, Ioana De Vilmorin, shares insights into the collection's creation over a glass of champagne and live music. The complex embroideries, appliqués, and procedures that go into ESCADA apparel make each piece seem unique.

The gathering has a relaxed, informal setting and an upbeat spirit.

If you have the chance to be in Geneva, please stop by in the next few days to see the amazing collection. ESCADA and the ESCADA Team Geneva wish you an enjoyable visit and look forward to meeting you.



We would like to introduce our Global Design Director Ioana de Vilmorin. Having honed her skills while working closely with iconic designers like Christian Lacroix and Isabel Marant, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the realms of Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear in Paris where she also had her own Haute Couture Label exclusively for private clients made to measure. 

Coming back to Munich, one of her roots, Ioana de Vilmorin, is nowadays Global Design Director at ESCADA where she reconciles the houses glamorous past with a contemporary future. Her impact and powerful vision for ESCADA have been visible in the collections since 2020. She is the ideal cast member to inject modernism, confidence and sophistication into the ESCADA collections.

Ioana de Vilmorin blends effortlessly innovation with timeless elegance while producing breathtaking designs that leave a lasting impression. Despite her remarkable achievements, she remains grounded and approachable person, having a true essence of humility. We look forward to seeing future ESCADA collections by Ioana de Vilmorin.



Recently in Greece…

Just at the right time ESCADA invites the publishers/editors-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, ELLE, L’Officiel and Glow magazine to the picturesque hotel „Olea All Suites“ in Zakynthos.

An intimate and familiar „get together“ of the extra class. Since ESCADA also shot the SS Campaign 2022 in this unique location, it was time to present this magical place to the journalists and to show an installation with the highlights of the ESCADA collection. Also, DIL, ESCADA’s loyal and Greek partner could not be missing at this exclusive event.

All attendees were invited to enjoy the gorgeous resort and listen to an ESCADA workshop in the summer ambiance. Ingo Brack, Head of Marketing was presenting the history & heritage of ESCADA. Ioana DeVilmorin, the Design Director of ESCADA, led through the inspiration and the creation of the Spring/ Summer collection. From the idea to the realization. Details about the prints of the collection as well as new techniques and qualities of the ESCADA pieces were the topic.

A unique gala dinner at „FLOW“ restaurant, located in the Olea All Suite Hotel, offered the crowning conclusion of this family gathering of press representatives and good customers of the company. A great exchange and the perfect opportunity for all to experience and witness the spirit of the ESCADA Summer Collection live.

Here are some impressions of these two great days in Greece and the Olea All Suite Hotel.



One of the best department stores in Germany, maybe even the world, KaDeWe is a stalwart of the Berlin shopping scene.

The store has a rich history spanning more than a century, and has always been a favorite among both Locals and visitors Opened in 1907 by Adolf Jandorf, Kaufhaus des Westens, now familiarly known as KaDeWe, is located in Tauentzienstrasse on the edge of Berlin’s west side. Built according to a spacious, modern and functional design, KaDeWe soon attracted attention due to its vast array of products.

Shoppers could meet to socialize while browsing everything from the latest fashions from Paris to an assortment of exotic fruit from the South Seas.

Tauentzienstrasse was soon the busiest shopping street in the city. The reopening of its first two floors in 1950 was seen as a symbol of a new beginning. Once more, the department store enjoyed a period of great success.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the store was expanded to 60,000 square meters, making it Europe’s largest department store.

KaDeWe, which celebrated its centenary in 2007, is still renowned for the variety of high-quality goods it carries, which include beauty, interiors and entertainment products and gourmet food, and the store continues to meet the needs of modern shoppers thanks to continual expansion and refurbishment.



ESCADA is delighted to introduce global music sensation, Rita Ora, as its new brand ambassador. The talented and renowned musician will be the face of the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign, a bright and colourful collection which celebrates the brand’s 40th anniversary.

Rita represents ESCADA‘s vision to celebrate strong women who know the power of their own voice. Her unique sense of self-expression through style shows the beauty of her individualism. This spirit of empowerment is what we hope to celebrate at ESCADA.



For Escada’s 40th anniversary show at New York Fashion Week, global design director Niall Sloan delved into the brand’s extensive archives for inspiration. He revived its original typographic logo from 1989 to create a jewel-coloured leather coat, referenced Princess Diana with power-shouldered tailoring and paid homage to Escada’s equestrian roots with silk, jockey-inspired dresses.



First New York, now Paris:
Munich-based label Escada is traveling the world with its new Global Design Director Niall Sloan and his reinterpretation of the label’s codes. Now Escada has shown three presentations at Paris Fashion Week for fall/winter 2019/20.

The muse of the new collection is Austrian-American film actress Hedy Lamarr, who was once revered as the „most beautiful woman in the world“, showed the first orgasm in film history on screen in Gustav Machaty’s work „Ecstasy“, but at night was researching technology to help the Allies fight the Nazi regime.

The frequency change Lamarr developed was never used in war, but it is the basis for something we use every day today - Wifi and Bluetooth.

Niall Sloan picks up on the style of this fascinating woman for his new collection: glittering sequins and silhouettes of the 30s, graphic prints, embroidered evening wear as well as pleated skirts and jersey dresses decorated with mathematical equations and lace. In this way, Sloan attempts to translate the two sides of Hedy Lamarr into textiles. After all, Lamarr, with her femininity and single-minded independence, embodies precisely the complexity that also characterizes today’s Escada customer.

„What I love about Hedy is that you find the epitome of glamour and that spirit in one person. Why would someone who has an incredible intellect not be beautiful, not be glamorous? If we had given her the space to be herself, it’s hard to imagine how much more she could have done,“ Niall Sloan says of his muse.