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Escada introduces the new

Spring / summer 2024 Campaign

Introducing Ronja Furrer. The Face of ESCADA’S Spring/Summer 2024 campaign. In a striking collaboration, ESCADA proudly unveils Ronja as the fresh face of their Spring/Summer 2024 campaign. The Swiss supermodel and entrepreneur currently based in New York City, embodies timeless elegance and sophistication. She’s more than just a cover girl, she’s a symbol of empowerment and timeless style.


In recent campaigns, our ESCADA woman has traveled and seen the splendor of several natural settings. We believe it was crucial to present ESCADA in a bustling city once more for Summer 2024.

She is dressed in ESCADA today and demonstrates her love of the adventurous life in a city as well as her cosmopolitan side. Bangkok, one of the most captivating Asian cities, serves as the backdrop for the ESCADA Spring Summer collection.

Similar to ESCADA, the city offers a blend of old tradition and modern advancement, making it thrilling to discover something new every time. Both continuously reimagine who they are.

Ronja displays herself above the Bangkok skyline for ESCADA ML. The many sky terraces with a stunning view of the city’s skyline offer a luxurious refuge from Bangkok’s bustle.

Even in such a large metropolis, there is time to relax, enjoy a drink, and look absolutely stunning in the new ESCADA Spring Summer collection. The focus of the collection is on flowery motifs, pastel colors, and natural fabrics for the modern woman who wishes to embrace the warmth and vibrancy of the season. A selection that will stimulate all of your senses.

Let us share our experiences of a vibrant and magnificent city, along with ESCADA’s stunning new collection. This campaign makes you want to explore and conquer new cities as much as it makes you want to discover the new ESCADA collection. Let’s embark on a summer filled with adventure and conquest.