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Escada introduces the new

Spring / summer 2023 Campaign

Jordan, a country of contrasts beckons you to daydream and reawakens your sense of summer. The ideal setting to showcase the new ESCADA collections. A lush waterscape and the distinctiveness of the Dead Sea and the desert Wadi Rum, provide the perfect backdrop for ESCADA.

Who does not wish for endless summer days, pink sunsets, and that special summer feeling?

Wadi Rum, Jordan

An enchanting setting in which to display our most beautiful ESCADA apparel. Fashion is the armor we wear to protect ourselves from the realities of everyday life.

Everyday exuberance is a disguise worn while we attempt to strike a balance between a desire for distinction and a desire for assimilation or belonging.

Dressing up can make us happy and has a strong connection to illusion, belief, magic, imagination, and protection. Being yourself is the key to this ESCADA Spring/Summer 2023 collection. You decide who you are and what you want to express through your apparel and way of life.

To highlight these collection inspiration keywords, the chosen campaign location relates flawlessly to the new collection. Jordan, with its mystical and surreal landscapes, empowers us to escape into our imaginations.

ESCADA Mainline, set in the endless expanse and beauty of Jordan‘s desert, Wadi Rum. Breathtaking rock formations and bold colors, which are also the ESCADA collection‘s trademark, provide an environment full of magic, imagination, and illusion.

ESCADA Mainline skillfully transports you to a real / surreal land of dreams and invites you to experience and discover the new ESCADA collections in Jordan‘s breathtaking beauty.

It‘s time to fantasize with us...